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A Content Marketing Strategy That Works | 2nd Brian Scribe's Book

Do you know Copyblogger ?

This blog was really awesome. From the design, content, author, all of them are awesome.

I know you feel same. I know you will be, if its right you haven't been there yet.

Copyblogger was Founded by Brian Clark. Brian Clark was great people, blogger, and internet addicter that loves copywriting and designing web.

So, now brian have sites calles "Scribe". Scribe was a software likely web program that help you to do content marketing strategy.

Few years ago Brian starts make 2 Ebook that very helpful. But the first one (im sorry) i can't published it now, because there is missing something important.

Okay, right now.. Just download and start surprising about thing inside the book. I won't talk anymore.

Headlines That Sells

Hi all, long time no see.

I have been a busy week last day and now im going to give you more more book that you should read.

This book called "Headlines That Sells"

From the title above you can then assumed that the thing inside the book is about all headline. Yep, you right !
Why this book is recommended to me ?

Inside the book, you'll find about anything that makes you become better writer. Like how you :

  • Using grammar to create great headlines
  • Using proven-formula to create killer headlines
  • How to start making benefit from those headlines
  • And the last, you'll find what kind of headlines that works (15+)

Doesn't trust me ?

Just check it out. Use my link or the source's link to download or even read it online.

  1. My link (Free)
  2. Source

Ebook - The Smart Way | Pat Flynn (Best of the best ebook to create best ebook)

Publishing an ebook, now has been popular ways to attract more audience to your blog.
Why ?
Because people now implemented this quote
Giving more to get much more
Yeah, people are getting realized that every audience will happy if someone give them something for free. 

They will tried to love someone that give them.

But, do you know ? Almost 89% people were failed to attract their audience even they can make something that are given for free.

Most people are confused because the difficultest thing in their mind –make an ebook—doesn’t bring anything to him. Not even one audience.

If you had the same problem, what will you do ?  Died in seconds, Broken spirit, or the other else ?

I have the solution for you. This is Pat Flynn’s ebook. This book was completely suitable for all of you who want to make an ebook (or that failed one).

Pat declared this book named..

Ebook – The smart Way

This is how it seems..

Interesting, right ? But I noticed you, that just the cover. The most valuable thing is something inside the book.

This book also covers all of the topic to make an Ebook sell, like :
  • How to getting started
  • How you add paragraph and font used
  •  Step by step to create killer ebook content
  • How to promote that works
  • Boosting your income
  • And many others.
    Interested ?

Okay, like always I give you 2 option first :
  1.        Read it online using PDF reader
  2.        Get it from pat (need subscribing)

Then additional option exclusive for you
Download this book via my link
*no waiting or subscribing required, but make sure you subscribed in pat’s blog because he was created this awesome book.

The writer’s Handbook : How to write for traffic and Money (Free best stuff by Oni)

Do you know Oni ? Before we goes far, lets talk about Oni first.

Barnidele Onibalusi, known as “Oni”, was a freelance writer and of course blogger. He had blog since he was young, at about 16.

Yes, you right. He was very cool boy who decide to put himself in blogging wether others are focusing in something like Playing video game, online game, etc.

At first he surprised on how much people pay a writer just for few words. He then built his first (and maybe the last) blog named “Youngprepro”. Youngprepro means a young boy that will be a pro guy one day.

He starting dig dig and dig over hundreds of idea in most top copywriting blogs. He wrote each day and amazingly, an email layed in his email inbox in only 8 moths so far.

Yeah, it was his first client.

Oni then confused, what will he choose. Accept, or decline it. Accept means he must do his job professionally, forgetting about his blog or even his life. But decline,. Hm.. It looks that he loose his first chance to win a cash prizes. (And honestly, I don’t know his answer about this.)

Now he was known one of the most popular Freelance copywriter from all over the world

Okay, maybe that’s enough. Now lets see his best free stuff ebook.

This is the must-have book for writer.
How I can say that ? Besause there you’ll find any of these feature inside :

  • Must-avoid problem that everywriter face.
  • Practical tips to writing online from zero to pro.
  • Including Extra-helpful recommended link help you to take action.
  • Including extra tips & resources that brings you to the next level.
  • And so on,..

Wait, it also professionally designed ebook that makes you sit down, read, and start implementing some of them,,. Right now !

(more info about oni can be read in this ebook)

You have 2 option to read this ebook.
1. Read it online, or
2. Download it from YoungPrePro (You need to subscribe first to download)

How about if I give you next option, so you can read it now, forgetting subscription or time to load.

Just download it from my link:

Notes : After you read it, don’t forget to share your opinion here, and feel free to get update from Youngprepro today !

Welcome to “Essential Writer's Book”

How long have you been focusing on blog ? How much time you spent each time you write blog post, commenting, researching, or the other important thing you should do ?

I know, that’s sucks. Not only 1-2 hours, you need extra time to bring you in success. There is no shortcut. Just another way to make it simple.

So., welcome to Essential Writer's Book

Here, now, I welcomed you to this site.. 

Which will provide every book that the writer should have.. 

Yep, that’s right. I will try to review any book that I was read, and every what I think its good.

How about quality ?

Don’t be scared. I have blog too, it named kejarduit. Its Indonesia blog and there I focused on internet marketing, online business, writing, affiliate niche. 

So in other hands it means that,,

Im writer, and blogger. I know what I do.

I will review the book that I recommended in. Surely with high quality book.

Q : Why you choose using blogspot domain instead using custom domain ?

Well, I know that a site (or a blog) must have custom domain if want brand. But if you are talking about the brand of this site, Ill tell you that I using blogspot domain because of..

  • Cost

First of all, I know the cost of domain (with host—of course) is not so big. But im here wants you feel free every book I review. So I just want to share my opinion, not for business (even I have plan to make this grow to business)
But if I would change this site become a business site, Insya Allah ill choose custom domain for my brand.

  • Speed

You know, server location affect in site speed. That was I would say.

There’s 2 option to select here. IIX Server (for Indonesian majority visitor) and US Server (for international visitor).

Now, using US server was very very expensive. And of course I wont choose that option just for this site.
So I decided to host this domain in google’s blogspot hosting. Its free, and even it very risky against the TOS., Im positive that I can pass them all.

Okay, its all. Thanks for reading this post. And you should take note that..

I’m sorry if my English so bad..  the only reason is “im indonesian, I usually use Indonesia for my primary language when writing.

Hope with this site, I can study more more English.

Im Muflich Kamil.,
Thanks again ! :D

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